How to inspect roof for hail damage

It’s that time of year again here in Austin Texas, hail season. This season has brought us some much needed rain and luckily no damaging hail or wind. But the storm season is not over yet.

Hail damage to a homes roof is not usually visible from the ground, and even when getting on the roof to inspect, most homeowners have no idea what to look for. With the exception of wind damage, where there may be missing or torn shingles, hail damage is not as easily spotted and most Insurance companies recommend an inspection of your roof every year by a trained Professional, however there are ways to determine if your home may have sustained any damage.

  1. Look in the gutters or at the drain downspouts around your house. If you see a high concentration of black mineral deposits in the gutters or around the downspouts, this may be a sign of damage to your roof.
  2. Check your gutters. If the metal gutters have dents or dings from the hail, there is a good chance that your shingles were damaged as well.
  3. Climb on the roof and check the vents. Look for some small dimples or dents in metal vents or cracked plastic vents.
  4. Inspect the shingles. The signs can be as subtle as a small dimple in a few shingles. If you suspect damage, consider calling a specialist to thoroughly inspect the shingles for you.

    Most homeowners in the area have had storm damage in the past and are all too familiar with the Insurance Process and how to find a good roofing contractor. For many others, this will be a new experience … and probably a confusing one at that. 

    Not all roofing contractors know how to spot hail damage, and they certainly have no clue how to work with the Insurance Company to get the money it will take for a quality job. Be sure to find a company who specializes in storm damage insurance claims.

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