If your attic could talk …

it would ask for relief … from the choking heat and the lack of ventilation.

If you’ve ever ventured into your attic during the summertime, you know how brutally hot it can get up there. Here in Texas, temperatures can easily exceed 170 degrees. Heat transfer from this trapped inferno is having a direct impact on your electric bills and stressing the performance and life of your A/C system.

What you may not know is that most roof vents do not cool off the attic. The most common roof ventilation systems like ridge vent, Whirly bird vents, Air hawks – none of them work. Most homes have soffit ventilation coupled with several small vents, along with gable and/or ridge vent ventilation. This is called passive or convection ventilation, the theory being “hot air rises.” In theory, it makes sense, but in reality, it just doesn’t work. Heat also expands and radiates. There is no question the vents on your roof do exhaust hot air, but only as it is warmed to the point of expansion. In short, the convection ventilation process actually requires heat retention to begin and maintain this inadequate ventilation process and by the time it has built to the point of expansion, you would need dozens of vents to adequately vent the heat from the attic. In addition, most passive ventilation requires a constant fifteen-mph wind, proper soffit ventilation and unrestricted airflow, something many attics just don’t have. It’s a losing battle, and you are paying for it with your high electric bills and the wear on the roof and A/C Unit.

But there is a solution – a surprisingly affordable, green and efficient solution – Solar Attic Fans.

Sun-powered Home Cooling

Poor attic ventilation keeps homes up to 15° F hotter than they have to be, keeping your AC unit working double time and decreasing the life of your roof..

The SOLEX™ and Attic Breeze™ Solar attic fan can vent up to 1,275 cubic feet per minute of hot summer air! By reducing the amount of heat that is conducted from the attic through the ceiling, heat gain within a home’s interior can be dramatically reduced. Attic temperatures of 170° mean ceiling temperatures of 100° or more. By venting heat within the attic before it is conducted by the ceiling, ceiling temperatures can be lowered by 10°-30°, resulting in 5°-15° lower interior room temperatures.

It is the quickest ROI available on any home improvement. You can save thousands of dollars over the life expectancy of the Solar fan. Both the Solex™ and Attic Breeze™ carry a warranty unmatched by the cheap fans carried at HomeDepot or Lowes.

In the Austin, Cedar Park and Leander areas, Hill Country Home Solutions is the authorized area dealer for SOLEX™ and Attic Breeze™ Solar attic fans.


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