Is your home one of the 45 million that are under-insulated?

Do you have one of the nearly 45 million houses in the U.S. that are under-insulated?

Are you experiencing substantial heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer?

Are your heating and cooling systems working overtime year-round and wasting your money?

It may be time for you to upgrade the insulation in your home! Most people are not aware that the energy conservation and efficiency standards of today call for more insulation than what their home may currently have.

Hill Country Home Solutions, will conduct a inspection and see if upgrading your insulation will help your energy costs. Click here to talk with one of their experienced insulation contractors.

Ordinary mass insulation like fiberglass or cellulose is a good start toward making your home energy efficient, but once this insulation tops your attic joists, adding more of the same delivers diminishing returns. Mass insulation slows convective and conductive heat transfer, but it does little to stop radiant transfer, the principal cause of home energy loss. Radiant barriers or also known as reflective insulation, works to supplement the insulation already in your attic by stopping radiant heat transfer.

Radiant Barriers are designed to supplement your existing insulation and dramatically cut energy loss year round. More than 45% of an average home’s wasted energy is lost through the attic, mostly via radiant transfer. Ordinary insulation does little to stop radiant transfer, but Radiant Barrier cuts it by 97% – making it one of the best ways to lower your cost of home ownership.

Contact Hill Country Home Solutions for a free inspection from a qualified insulation specialists.


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