You Will Be Surprised How Affordable New Windows Area

With energy prices in the Austin area constantly rising, more and more people are taking notice to their home’s energy consumption, especially during this time of the year when drafts are much more noticeable. Depending on the age and construction of the home, the biggest areas of energy loss are usually the attic and the windows.

Most homeowners when presented with the issue of making their home more energy efficient, would immediately look into windows because replacing the windows in your home is not only making the home more energy efficient, but they also increase the beauty, comfort and security of their home.

Many homeowners are not even aware how affordable energy-efficient windows and doors  are. The fact is, that quality constructed, double pane, argon filled LoE windows are about the third of the price they were 10 years ago and are twice as efficient!  Now that’s good news!

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows are no longer a luxury, they are an investment in your future. Replacement windows can provide huge savings on energy bills, eliminate 99.9% of harmful UV rays, reduce wear and tear on HVAC units, and reduce noise for increased comfort.

Hill Country Home Solutions in Cedar Park, carries some of the  top name replacement windows in the industry, with a wide variety of styles to meet most anyone’s taste and needs. They carry both Don Young and PlyGem windows, which are manufactured here in Texas and designed specifically for our hot Texas climate.

Various Styles of Replacement windows

Various Styles of Replacement windows

Providing exceptional thermal performance at a very affordable price, these windows will do what they are meant to do – significantly decrease your home energy bills, increase the beauty and comfort of your home,  and provide a quick return of investment.

Click here to visit them on-line for more information on how affordable energy efficient windows are.


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